Phat Pants

Phat Pants

Everything phat pants from plain phatties to custom reflective phats and everything... 

Mens Pants

Mens Pants

Pants for all occasions, from the dancefloor to streetwear. Our pants are... 

  • Doof wear

    We love getting out bush for a stomp and understand that tough durable clothing is a necessity.

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  • Phat pants

    Ministry of Style Phat pants have been the go to wide leg jeans of the melbourne rave scene since 1987.

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  • Steampunk

    Take a steam train ride into the whimsical and wonderful world of steampunk fashion.

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  • Gothic

    No matter if your channeling Morticia Addams, Siouxsie Sioux, theres a gothic look for every dark soul.

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  • Festival Outfits

    Festival outfits to rock every kind of dancefloor from Rainbow to Boogie all summer sesh long.

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  • Hippie Cloths

    Hippie cloths inspire so many fashion trends since the days of woodstock and will always be a vibe.

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